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Thursday, February 13, 2014

New Gun Ruling

For John, BLUFThis makes sense. The anti-gun folks should have never picked this scab.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Stand by for heavy weather.  The Ninth Circuit (REPEAT Ninth Circuit) has issued a "Sweeping ruling on guns in public" (SCOTUS Blog).

The amendment means, the panel ruled in a two-to-one decision, that it is unconstitutional to confine the “right to bear” arms solely to the home.
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Neal said...

Maybe the adults in society are finally stirring. In NH on Wednesday, both houses sent a bill into a flaming, smoking hole, to require background checks on ANY exchange of weapons...AND....those checks to be entered into the Federal database.

Perhaps it's time for the minders to mind their own business and let others live their lives in peace.

The problem today is that our "governing" bodies have become holier than thou overseers....not representatives. To that end, they feel it is their divine mission in life to make everyone else live according to their rules.....for their own good.....