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Monday, May 21, 2018

Illegal Immigration Goes North

For John, BLUFIllegal Immigrants squeezing out the homeless?  Nothing to see here; just move along.

From PJ Media, by Mr Michael Walsh, 19 May 2018.

Here is the opening:

And you thought The Camp of the Saints was fiction:
With only 20 rooms vacant, Toronto is within seven days of evoking an emergency plan to house the growing number of refugees settling in the city after crossing the U.S.-Canada border, Mayor John Tory says.

“We could not, cannot and should not be doing this alone. If these daily arrivals continue, as we expect them to, to some degree or another, we will be in a position within the next seven days, where we will need to open an emergency reception centre,” Tory told a news conference Friday.

As of Thursday, there were 2,683 refugee claimants in the Toronto shelter system, accounting for 41 per cent of the shelter population.  At the current rate of arrivals, the city expects refugees will make up 54 per cent of the spaces by November.

If you are looking for the Kindle edition of the book, Camp of the Saints, it is here.

Further on the article reads:

Behold the Cloward-Pivening of the West: operating under the false flags of "diversity" and "tolerance," and demanding that post-Christian West "live up to its own book of rules" (Alinsky Rule #4), the cultural Marxists seek to destroy the political integrity of the European and the North American nation-states by flooding them with "migrants" (to where?) and "refugees" (from what?).

Blame Trump!

Yes, if the West doesn't stand for anything, if it believes it is the West only because of good luck and not because of a set of values that brings freedom and prosperity, then it deserves to go the way of the Wooly Mammoth.  If, on the other hand, Anglo=Saxon Privilege means inheriting a set of values that provides for limited government and property right and the right to vote your government out of existence, then there needs to be a system of acculturation of assimilation, so that the ideas and ideals are not drowned by immigration but are allowed to spread and enrich all, at the pace they can accept.

Hat tip to the InstaPundit.

Regards  —  Cliff

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