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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Who Comes Next

For John, BLUFThis is a quick look at the line of succession for President of the United States.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

The table below list the statatory line of succession should anything happen to the President, or the President and others on the list of succession.  It is like the TV Show Designated Survivor.

Vice President Kamala HarrisDemocratic
Speaker of the House of Rep Nancy PelosiDemocratic
President pro tempore of the SenatePatrick LeahyDemocratic
Secretary of StateAntony BlinkenDemocratic
Secretary of the TreasuryJanet YellenDemocratic
Secretary of DefenseLloyd AustinUnknown
Attorney General Merrick GarlandUnknown
Secretary of the Interior Deb HaalandDemocratic
Secretary of AgricultureTom VilsackDemocratic
Secretary of CommerceGina RaimondoDemocratic
Secretary of LaborMarty WalshDemocratic
Secretary of Health and Human ServicesXavier BecerraDemocratic
Secretary of Housing and Urban DevelopmentMarcia FudgeDemocratic
Secretary of TransportationPete ButtigiegDemocratic
Secretary of EnergyJennifer GranholmDemocratic
Secretary of EducationMiguel CardonaDemocratic
Secretary of Veterans AffairsDenis McDonoughDemocratic
Secretary of Homeland SecurityAlejandro MayorkasDemocratic
Two names have been struck out.  Those two individuals are not native born Americans, and thus are not eligible to be President.

In reviewing the list, which of the first seven do you think are ready to be President?  Who would be better at the job than President Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr, and his team? 

We have people expressing concern that President Biden is in ill health.  There are some who talk about use of the Twenty-Fifth Amendment to deal with President Biden.  Moving to sucession without thinking about what comes next is poor planning.  For example, Senator Leahy is two years older than President Biden.

It is worth while thinking of the top seven in the list above.  Which of them would be a step up from President Biden and his Team.

Regards  —  Cliff

  For example, before President Nixon was pressured to resign, back in 1974, the system went against Vice President Spiroo Agnew, forcing his resignation, and replacement by the House Minority Leader, Gerald Ford.

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