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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Seniors Save Money

While at the Great Lowell Chamber of Commerce Breakfast, down in Tewksbury, one of the speakers brought up the fact that Senior Citizens in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (those over 65) can get a discount on property taxes under the Senior Citizen Circuit Breaker Tax Credit program. The estimate is that only about 30% of those eligible are using it.

To quote from the website, your total income cannot be greater than these limits for the 2008 tax year:
  • $49,000 single
  • $62,000 head of household
  • $74,000 married filing jointly
"Total income" includes some types of non-taxable income, such as social security, retirement, pensions and annuities, cash public assistance, tax-exempt interest and dividends, and certain other income.

OK, you seniors, lets get out there and save money.

In other news, do you realize that if you are a veteran or over 60 you can save on classes at UMass Lowell. In one of those TV Advertisement like stories, my wife told a fellow student in the Holocaust course at UMass Lowell Continuing Education that since he is over 60 it should be just $30, plus books (and my wife had a bunch of books she wanted to read for the course, besides those assigned). He came back to class this week and said that she had saved him over $800.

So, there is money to be saved.

Regards  --  Cliff

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