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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spelling Test

The last post was based upon an EMail from my youngest son.  This post is based upon an EMail from my middle brother, Lance.  Lance knows that I am a terrible speller and that I am involved in my local Tea Party.  He disapproves of both, so he enjoyed sending me a URL that points out that (some) Tea Party members are terrible spellers.

I guess I am right at home in the Tea Party, given my spelling skills.

And thank God for spell checkers.

Regards  —  Cliff


ncrossland said...

HA!! Even Microsquish Spellchecker is, on occaision, a terrible speller. I think it is hilarious (all due respect to your middle brother, Cliff) when groups find some trivial, minutia in another group that they can then employ to elevate their self-image by denigrating the other.

Of course, "nobody" watched the cleverly produced series of clips in which The Annointed One committed public gaffes that made Dubya look positively articulate. I think the one that was most laughable was when BHO began his self-adoring speech, only to find at a short point later that he'd just introduced himself, using text that his host had just used.

Of course, we have all had our moments "in the sun" by doing such things as not zipping up, or as we age further, not zipping down. It is what makes us delightfully.....well.....uniquely us.

This is why I love the Tea Party.....plain folks who "just wanna be me."

kad barma said...


Too funny. We all have our own personal moments, of course, but, sooner or later, the irony of the misspelled "English only" signs becomes as uncomfortable as it is amusing.

ncrossland said...

Good katch kad. It's Friday so I'm guessing Cliff may be a bit on the slow side having been beaten cognitively senseless during the week at "operation location KoP."

Perhaps ourselves are our greatest source of humor, and so it should be. Life just can't be THAT serious. I think the world's greatest model for that philosophy was Red Skelton. He was a gift.

lance said...

Spelling may be a genetic issue for the Krieger's. Cliff's father would say that Cliff receive a score of 10 on an 11 word spelling test because the teacher gave him credit for Krieger. I turned in my fourth grade "Speling Notbook" and did not recieve a particularly high grade.

lance said...

Maybe I said that wrong: Cliff got a 1 on a 10 word test because he got credit for his name. I don't think I made a spelling mistake, just can't tell a story.

lance said...

By the way, how could anyone disapprove of another's participation in any party? That freedom is what makes us great.

My only expressed concern has been that discourse remain civil and that is not a Tea Party issue.

Renee said...

People involved in the Tea Party are rookies at protesting. Many Catholics can be veterans at this, there is a local blog Pie and Coffee, far far left but Catholic on all social issues.

Here are few pointers on protesting

"Art stores sell a product called foamcore that is much more durable than posterboard, which disintegrates in the rain and flaps in the wind."

"Lettering and artwork should be in acrylic paint, because it is brilliant and waterproof. Magic markers stink. They are too thin, streaky, and pale."

"Thickness and spacing of letters is important. Use a T-square to lay out your message neatly. If you absolutely cannot draw neat letters, buy stick-on labels, and consider using black foamcore with white letters. This can be very effective."

Should note that I believe Pie & Coffee will be at the counter demonstration on April 15th.

C R Krieger said...

I was surprised the URLs that Renee gave us didn't come up as links, but just to help folks out, here they are again, as clickable links this time, I am hoping.

Renee Link One

Renee Link Two

Renee Link Three

Regards  —  Cliff