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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Action—Manager Going

For John, BLUFWe need a numbers guy.

First order of business.  Hire Greg Labrecque!

Regards  —  Cliff


Mr. Lynne said...

The treasurer of Groveland?

Mr. Lynn said...

Correction - now he's the business manager of the Pentucket Regional School District.

C R Krieger said...

He does the Groveland books at night.

Don't forget, Tom Moses came from Groveland.

Mr B is well respected over that way.

We need to have someone in place who understands the books as we go through this period of transition.

Regards  —  Cliff

JoeS said...

He already said he was "not a good fit" in Lowell, maybe after the question was raised about his being a golfing associate of Tom Moses.

C R Krieger said...


Regards  —  Cliff

JoeS said...

I'm afraid the word may be out - Lowell does not want a professional manager. Not one that plans for the long term, but rather one who will bend to the wish of the day.

The New Englander said...

Somewhat of a rehash from what I just posted on Dick's blog, but I see this a bit differently than some of the blog and FB commenters.

I'm a huge Bernie fan. I've voted for pro-Bernie councilors, I support professional gov't,etc.

But some of the stuff I've read on FB makes me wonder if Dennis Rodman is about to pay us a visit.

No matter how great Bernie is, it's a system -- not a personality -- that can endure. This blog has an Ecclesiastes quote at the top and I'll add another (3-1): "To everything there is a season."

C R Krieger said...

Greg is correct. "To everything these is a season."

For those of you looking, the quote Greg referenced was "Nothing is new under the sun."  That would be Qoheleth speaking (Ecclesiastes, 1:9).

Mr Lynch is moving on and we hope his last two months are very good for the City (and he lands well).  Mr Lynch can be very helpful to our new Mayor in those two months.  And visa-versa.

Regards  —  Cliff

JoeS said...

Greg, it's not that Lynch is leaving (he could have done that at any time, even under the best of circumstances). It is the poisoning of the well by the majority of city councilors that will discourage any real professional from applying for the job. We have a Master Plan, but that plan would have to become a governing document if it were to become a guiding light for future administrations. It is not that, at least not now.