Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Globe on Boston Archdiocese Sex Abuse Scandal

For John, BLUFPart of the solution is teaching young boys to speak up.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Yesterday Columnist Adrian Walker (The Boston Globe) wrote "Keeping the spotlight on the Catholic Church".

Let us stipulate up front that sex abuse, especially of young boys, is something none of us wants to see and it is probably an abomination before God.  Isn't that what kicks off the story in the Book of Maccabees?

To Mr Walker's question, "How much abuse do you think still exists in the Archdiocese of Boston?" I respond, unlike the Archdiocese spokesperson, Mr Terry Donilon, "some".  Here is Mr Donilon's response, quoted by Mr Walker:

We think we have the safest entity in the entire Commonwealth.  Now, I’m not saying someone couldn’t still come forward with a claim from 30 years ago.  That could happen.  But we believe there is zero abuse going on.  None.
Mr Walker concludes his column with:
By its nature, sexual abuse is not the kind of problem that is ever “solved;” it will take constant vigilance to keep at bay the tragedies “Spotlight” captures.  I want to believe that Donilon is right about the lack of abuse in Boston.  But the sad reality is that there will never be a safe time to declare victory.
I agree, given its ancient roots and its widespread practice, that sexual abuse and especially child sexual abuse will never be solved.  That leaves me with three issues:
  1. How much of this kind of thing going on elsewhere, like in the Globe?  That is, are children safe with all Globe employees?  This is not just about the Catholic Church.  It is about every walk of life.
  2. There appears to have been an upsurge in this sort of thing within the Catholic Church in the last six decades, more or less.  Why has that not become a legitimate issue for discussion?  Why is no one, diocesan member or Globe Spotlight Reporter working this angle?
  3. Are we all wrong here, on this, and NAMBLA is right?  I say outright that this is wrong, but we have seen other strongly held views on sex thrown out the window, so what guarantee is there that there is a limit, that Progressivism stops at some point?
Regards  —  Cliff

  Abomination:  "a thing that causes disgust or hatred".
  Just in case I wasn't clear enough, I see it as an abomination.

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