Sunday, February 14, 2016

Odd Voting Locations

For John, BLUFVoting is important.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

This is a short item by retired Army Colonel Keith Nightingale, where he noted that many of us don't vote in our Ward and Precinct, but, because we are (or have been) in the military, we vote in our Kitchen or the Barracks or even out in the field.  The source of this article is Small Wars Journal and the title is "Absentee Ballot Precincts".

From a friend of mine a commentary on the short article:

Thank you for directing our attention to Rick Rescorla.  A great man, and I believe he was an immigrant, as well.  As I understand it from people who knew him, he was a thorn in the side of the executives and employees of Morgan Stanley for many years, insisting that they practice fire and escape drills, keeping everyone on their toes and generally making a nuisance of himself.  Until 11 SEP 2001, that is...when his heavily-drilled and alert colleagues reacted as no other group of people in those towers did.  They nearly all escaped, a couple of thousand of them, I believe.
For an extraordinary story, read his Wikipedia biography. Here is how the article, which mentions Rick Rescorla, ends:
Our candidates all announce their capability to be Commander in Chief but it is doubtful any truly understand what occurs in these distant precincts.  His image could pass for the vast multitude of men throughout our history that on occasion have had that look, that desperation and that will to persevere to success if not merely to survive-which is success in itself.  As in our land, some precincts are friendlier than others.  This is Lt Rick Rescorla on LZ X-Ray-credited by the Battalion Commander, with probably saving the perimeter.  He is in the process of doing that with no knowledge or interest of the larger issue.  He and many others did and will vote and we should appreciate the reality of their polling places.

Rick did not change when he returned from Vietnam.  He was last seen running up the stairs of the World Trade Center when everyone else was running down.  His intention then as it was at X-Ray was to shepherd his flock to safety.  He went down with the towers but he extracted the bulk of his people.  Infantry develops lasting traits and it's a good thing.

When you leave your house to vote, remember that the most important precincts are the ones you can't see.

Be sure to vote this year.  Here in Lowell, three times, including 1 March for the Presidential Primary and Ward Members.  Oh, and State Committee Representatives (each party).

Regards  —  Cliff

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