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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Feral Children

For John, BLUFTo much respect for credentialed authority and not enough independent thinking.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

This is a commentary by Science Fiction Writer Sarah Hoyt, back on 24 June 2017.

Here is the lede:

I don’t believe in grand historical conspiracies, or in designs that go on over generations.  The right suffers from a bad case of “the individualists failed to organize” and the left, by now in their third generation of social dominance, are approaching the sort of behavior and IQ one saw in the last days of the Soviet Union.  Or if you prefer, Marxist scientific efficiency has given us in three generations what it took the royal houses of Europe sixteen generations of inbreeding to achieve:  an “elite” so profoundly dumb they couldn’t pour p*ss out a boot with instructions on both sides.
My recollection is the expression is "with instructions written on the heel".  But, you get the idea.

Somewhere in this article, which you should read in its entirety, the author introduces the term "Reeeee brigades".  As in that is the sound they make as they protest how awful the current world is and how they are going to fix it.  Nothing coherent, just noise.

Down in the article are these two paragraphs, which capture an important point.  Marxism, in its various forms, promises the make a perfect world, but, Israel aside, hasn't.  On the other hand, the freedom that we characterize as the "Rights of Englishmen" has moved the ball quite a way down field.

Western civilization is not – of course, being human – perfect.  It has had its share of monsters and madmen.  We were, after all, responsible for Marx, whose ideas have been a worse scourge in Africa than all the supposed greedy colonialists.

We are, however, simply put, the most successful human civilization ever.  That is, if you judge success in terms of “fed the most people” and “lifted most of the world above the demands of immediate need”, to be able to create and think as never before.  Other things we’ve done go a long way to eliminate the quotidian misery of disease and push back aging by decades.

And Ms Hoyt concludes:
More importantly, tell your kids their school books are full of hokum. Mock the idiocy on exhibit. Make fun of it.  Yes, I’m telling you they need to disrespect their teachers “authority.”  In fact, you should make fun of it as much as possible.  What part of Americanism was ever “respect authority?” Particularly when that authority is destroying us from within.

Disprove, mock, giggle, guffaw.  The only answer to the Reeeee brigades is to show them for what they are:  Malignant, ignorant children, who deserve no more respect than their malignant, ignorant father and his Communist Manifesto.

Hat tip to the InstaPundit.

Regards  —  Cliff

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