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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tea Party vs Scott Brown

As you probably have guessed, I am a registered Republican.  In fact, I am the Republican Chairman of Lowell Ward 1.  (Feel free to contact me if you have a question about things connected with Ward 1 Republicanism.)

But, beyond that disclaimer, I now move on to the Tea Party movement and the campaign of State Senator Scott Brown for our second Massachusetts US Senate Seat.

I notice a tendency to assume that the Tea Party movement is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Republican Party.  That is not true in Lowell.  And it is apparently not so elsewhere.

Here is a post from Red Mass Group on the Massachusetts Democratic Party Chairman John Walsh commenting on Scott Brown having an independent voting record and saying inter alia "teabaggers say NO!"

Two points:
  1. Not all Tea Party groups are for Scott Brown.  At least one is for Joe Kennedy.  The Boston Tea Party endorsed Joe Kennedy on 26 December of 2009.  So says Darryl W. Perry.  Now, that is not the Greater Lowell Tea Party.  And given the loose structure of the Tea Party movement, I would think there are a lot of different views out there.  What holds the Tea Party movement together is not a top down structure, but a bottom up belief that maintaining our freedom means being ever vigilant.
  2. Mr Walsh's use of the term "teabaggers" shows either invincible ignorance or a total lack of respect all around.  Suffice it to say, the term is not one you would use in front of your mother.  (Contact me privately—crk at theworld dot com—if you feel you need the details.)
As for me, I have a Scott Brown sign in front of my house.  It is not nearly as big as the Martha Coakley sign on Andover Street (I would say about 250 Andover), but then I have a small frontage and both a driveway and a path up to my front door from the sidewalk.

Regards  —  Cliff


ncrossland said...

Seems that Americans, especially those who profess some skill in "journalism" have an almost irresistable need to label everything and then once done, label everything else about that which they've labeled.

Such is the case about the so-called tea party movement. It lacks organizational characteristics that facilitate exact labeling. That one is unable to do so drives the Democrat brain trust to the edge of desperation. You can demonize what you can't label....and tea party fails to be all encompassing because of seeming abberations such as Boston Tea Party's endorsement of Kennedy.

The tea party movement is quite literally a national forum and vehicle for the expression of unprecedented disgust with the state of Federal "government." In the simplist of words, "The people are absolutely pissed, and they are clearly saying that they are not taking it any longer." The problem is, nobody in the government centers of power and authority are listening.

When Americans take to the streets on a nationwide basis, with anger and disgust as their motivator, the perfumed princes and princesses residing in governmental seats of power should be afraid, very afraid. Eli's coming!!

In MA, the power mongers are about to make perhaps the most egregious error of their long history of arrogance. Word is that if Brown is elected, the socialist dems of Mass will take the long long as humanly confirm the results and thus, enable seating him. In my mind, to do so will be a brazenness that will enrage an already angry grass roots in the state. The outcome will NOT be pretty.





Jack Mitchell said...

The teabaggers are an attempt by GOP leaders, spun off to PACs like Freedom Works, to generate a sense of passion in a demoralized regional rump party.

I will continue to call them teabaggers, as long as they behave like a mob and blurt with dirty mouths.

When the grown ups want to lead this bastardized Libertarian upheaval, I'll be more polite.

ncrossland said...

If the Tea Party folks are anything at all, they are NOT a product of the GOP. They may well contain folks who are Republican but they are not a Republican offshoot. In fact, that is their distinguishing characteristic, they are non-partisan. If they stand for anything political, it is to decrease the role and impact of government to the least possible extent.

I am sorry you don't like "them" but to broadly caterorize them as a mob with filty mouths is no real different than branding all Democrats as a band of lying thieves....oh yeah......and ones who have a long history of filthy mouths.

The essence of the "tea party movement" is to effect "change that you can REALLY believe in." It is an apolitical national response to complete dissatisfaction with the current political status quo offered by BOTH the GOP and the DNC.

If you carefully examine the issues such as government take over of industry in the name of saving them, or the reform of health care to provide BETTER care, the differnces between the Dems and the Reps are actually quite small and involve much more a philosophical difference in what taxpayer pocket to rob. In the end, neither party will produce anything that is truly revolutionary or even detectably "better." Only.......different.

And THAT is what has folks in the streets stirred up. They are all stumbling around with the mistaken belief that "we the people" is that the country belongs to Americans......and not a bunch of self serving, essentially self appointed ideologues and demigods of politics.

Jack Mitchell said...

I hear ya:

Vote for Joe Kennedy!

I jest, in part. It's sad to see a honest to goodness movement tarnished by special interests with lots of money and a major news network in their pocket.

It won't be long before they renounce your kind, so make nice with Grover Norquist.