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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Bad Lenses

For John, BLUFThose Conservatives, being supportive of minorities.  Go figure.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

It is the time of year to be making lists and here is one.

From the Blog Right Wing News we have a look at personalities, including this unscientific poll of "conservative" web sites on Sitting Politicians, listed by their polling numbers:

20) Lindsey Graham (-35)
19) John McCain (-32)
18) John Boehner (-25)
17) Peter King (-24)
16) Chris Christie (-21)
15) Mitch McConnell (-16)
14) Justin Amash (22)
13) Rand Paul (25)
12) Marco Rubio (31)
11) Jeff Sessions (34)
10) Paul Ryan (34)
 9) Rick Perry (39)
 8) Darrell Issa (44)
 7) Trey Gowdy (45)
 6) Mike Lee (46)
 5) Ted Cruz (47)
 4) Tim Scott (50)
 3) Bobby Jindal (51)
 2) Mia Love (59)
 1) Scott Walker (63)

And this is interesting.  Four of the top (low numbers) Five would be minorities if they were Democrats.  And Rep Darrell Issa (Number 8) is listed by Wikipedia as one of four Arab-Americans in the US Congress.  ANd Rep Justin Amash (Number 14 on the list) is also Arab-American.

My disappointment is that Niki Haley is not listed.

Hat tip to Neal Crossland, of New Hampshire.

Regards  —  Cliff

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