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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Learning What Health Care Costs

For John, BLUFPrice competition works.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Canadians coming to the US for surgery?  Yes, according to this article in The Blaze, by Reporter Becket Adams.  The article is "Free Market at Work:  OKLA. City Hospital Causes Bidding War by Posting Surgery Prices Online".

Hat tip to the Instapundit.

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Eric J said...

Imagine... Inserting price competition for medical care. Free market pricing forcing other competing medical facilities to, uhh, compete!

In Alberta 50% of people needing cataract surgery have that procedure done within 11 weeks. 90% have it completed in 32 weeks. That may also be driving Canadians to the US.

Neal said...

A Calgary mother had to drive to Billings, MT in order to deliver a premature and difficult delivery baby. Why? The Canadian health system didn't have the specialist in Calgary and there wasn't a "slot" for her delivery until way past the anticipated delivery date.

Free market economics. The liberals shriek in horror over the mere thought.....but it works. be sure....the rich can buy things in a free market that the less well to do can buy....but so what. The socialist system only ensures that the identical second rate misery is shared equally. Liberals with the IQ of a gnat just assume that the government can and will provide the best quality at the best price...for everyone regardless of their station in life....a prime chicken in every pot, an upscale home for every family, and Cadillacs and flat screen TV's at bargain prices (after all....the prices of those luxury items are inflated anyway...just so the manufacturer can make a huge unjustifiable profit....right?).