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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Little Cheap Education

For John, BLUFOne of the few Good Deals in Martyville, in class tuition at Continuing Ed for Vets and those 60 and older.

The UMass Lowell Continuing Education Class for the Fall Semester is Revolutions in the Modern World (Humanities & Social Sciences, Course Number 43.344-001).  [Well, the one Martha and I agreed on.  And one of our friends.  Join us.]

Course Description
In this comparative history course, we look at the theories of Marx, Barrington Moore, Crane Brinton, Theda Skocpol, William Sewell, and others on the causes, dynamics, and outcomes of revolutions in the modern world.  We then consider the history of the French, Russian, Vietnamese, and Iranian Revolutions (list may vary each semester) to see how well the theories fit the events.  The course ends with a discussion of whether the pattern and analyses discussed in the course are helpful in understanding a contemporary revolution, such as that in Egypt.

[So you complain that you don't see Peruvian Economist Hernando de Soto there.  That is why mature individuals should be attending such classes.  They bring additional insights to the discussion.]

Prerequisites, Notes & Instructor
Prerequisites:  43.106 / The Modern World
Credits:  3;
Instructor:  George Deak

When Offered & Tuition
Thurs , 6:30-9:20 pm
Fall 2013:  Sep 04 to Dec 18
Tuition:  $1005
Note:  There is a $30 per semester, nonrefundable registration fee for credit courses.

Regards  —  Cliff

  I bet that can be waived if one asks politely.
  IGNORE THE TUITION.  You don't have to pay it.  You are a mature student, interested in where the world is going, and not so much worried about making the correct career choice.  You pay the $30.  And the books.

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