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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Strange Drivers

For John, BLUFyou see all kinds.

I was coming down Mansur Street and at Fairmount there was a car approaching from the left.  It arrived at the intersection before I did.  Plainly arrived before I did, thus having the Right of Way.  I came to a full stop, as was my duty, and the other car, to my left, was still stopped.  Then the driver of the other car motioned for me to drive on through, which I did, and then he went straight ahead on down Fairmount.

Aside from being confusing—the law should be about predictability—this action was environmentally unfriendly, in two ways.  First, the other driver was sitting still, idling, more than was needed.  Secondly, his disorderly action, perhaps meant as courtesy, discourages me from asking for a Yield sign for one of the streets.  A Yield sign would be more environmentally friendly.

Regards  —  Cliff

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