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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lowell Election Commission Meeting Thursday

For John, BLUFLowell Election Commission working for you.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Today I received an EMail from Election Commissioner Gerry Nutter:
In order to try to make the meetings more accessible to the public, we have moved the time to 6:00 pm beginning this Thursday. On the Agenda is a speaker from UTEC [Geoff Foster] and discussions on changing polling locations, asking the Council/School Committee to cancel school on Election Day in November and organizing voter registration days at the various High Schools this spring.
That would be this Thursday and the location would be the Mayor's Reception Room on the Second Floor of City Hall.  (From the elevator, turn right, from the top of the stairs, turn right and then look left.)

I draw attention to an agenda item about polling locations—"Set May meeting for Public Hearing on Polling Locations".  From time to time I hear complaints (and suggestions) about polling locations.  This is YOUR chance to have an input.

Also, please note that the Lowell CENSUS is out.  We all should fill out the CENSUS and return it to City Hall.  For one thing, it ensures our voter registration is up to date.

Speaking of voter registration, voting is very important.  Some, like City Life Host George Anthes, a Professor of Government at UMass Lowell, believe that those who haven't been voting should not be encouraged to vote, since they are likely ill informed about the issues and the candidates.  I, on the other hand, while acknowledging the logical of Professor Anthes' position, argue for urging as many as possible to vote.  The reason is that if a lot of folks turn out to vote it will keep the elected officials on their toes, since they will realize that it is possible with the additional voters that things could go a different way.  Greater voter participation means greater elected official attention to the voters.

Regards  —  Cliff


Michael Straw said...

Cliff, I agree with what you said about encouraging people to register even if they may be "ill-informed." Mr. Anthes and Mr. McDonough can often be heard opening sentences on their program like this:
"I didn't watch the meeting" or "I don't know what was said" or "I didn't read the..." Exactly what is an "ill-informed" voter?

Neal said...

The mantra of all political beings, "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil"......its also called plausible deniability.