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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Making Medical Care Better

For John, BLUFMy medical care is excellent.  But not so for everyone.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

From The Instapundit, a couple of days ago:
We shouldn’t forget that ObamaCare was written in the dead of night by Harry Reid’s office, voted on, unread, by the Senate hours later and sent to the House which passed it “as is” so it would not have to go back to the Senate where Scott Brown’s vote would have killed it.

Therefore, there was no internal consistency check.  There was no opportunity for clarifying amendments. There was no opportunity for anything Harry Reid did not think was appropriate.  That is why we keep finding these unintended consequences that Obama tries to paper over with Executive Orders.

That is why the idea of “fixing” ObamaCare is a very bad idea.  There are so many traps in the bill (as well as in the stacks of “rules”) that no one could untangle the mess.  This is just like a badly designed web site.  Best to start all over than try to add undocumented patch upon undocumented patch in a vain attempt to fix it.

If the Republicans get control of the Senate, they should identify what the minimum requirements of a health care system should be, and create a much simpler, easy to understand bill and send that to Obama.

I suppose that, in a flipside of Obama’s Executive Order strategy, they could just deem the bill to pass into law regardless of what Obama does.
My first step would be adding 80,000 physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners to the Public Health Service.  Some would be already trained and certified.  Others the PHS would send to school, maybe one or more PHS medical universities.  All of these trained medical professionals would be spread across the nation for their "payback tours".  They would provide medical care where it is thin on the ground, and also medical education for populations that think the medical answer is "wait until it is awful and then go to the emergency room."

Regards  —  Cliff

NB:  For those of you who think this is all Scott Brown's fault, you could also blame FBI Special Agent Mary Beth Kepner, who torpedoed the reelection of Senator Ted Stevens.  Or just blame Acting Senator Paul G Kirk, for not just saying no.

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