Monday, June 13, 2016

ID To Vote—A Cultural Thing

For John, BLUFI hope you don't require ID for your business.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

From The Valley Patriot we have this headline:  "Dominicans in Lawrence Vote for Dominican President, Show ID to Vote and say Voter ID is 'Not Racist'".

From Publisher Tom Duggan, we have this lead and several paragraphs of a longer article:

LAWRENCE – The gymnasium of the old high school on Haverhill St. was filled to capacity Sunday afternoon as Dominican citizens who live in the City of Lawrence, Massachusetts turned out in large numbers to vote for the next Dominican President.

Dominican citizens who have dual citizenship with the United States are allowed to vote in both countries’ elections.

The line of people waiting to vote outside started at on Amesbury St., and snaked down to Lebanon St. to the back doors of the old Lawrence High School.  There, they were met by campaign volunteers from the various campaigns, handing out literature for their preferred candidate, and talking to voters one last time before they went inside to vote.

Once inside the back lobby, the line continued up a flight of stairs to the doors of the gymnasium.  By that point, voters could finally see the end of the line, where each voter was asked to register and show their government approved Voter ID before they could cast ballot.

I would like to be on record as being opposed to "dual citizenship".  It is legal.  However, I don't think it is right.

One of the things I don't understand about ID to vote is the issue of how the "poor" deal with the various ID requirements I run into from time to time, such as picking up medicine.  This seems to me to be just another Democratic Party "dog whistle".

It is on on our Government to provide IDs to everyone.  Not a National ID, but Town, City, or State issued ID.  That is, those of us who can afford to pay taxes should ensure that everyone has an ID.

Regards  —  Cliff

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