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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Facing the New Year in Germany

For John, BLUFFor us here in the US, it appears the threat is Russia, which wasn't a threat four years ago, but I think that needs some more thinking.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Each nation faces its own threats.  In Estonia (or Finland) it is probably Russia.  But, this report from The Beeb talks to Germany.

Islamist terrorism is the biggest challenge facing Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel has said in her New Year message.

Referring to the deadly truck attack in Berlin by a Tunisian asylum seeker, she said it was "sickening" when acts of terror were carried out by people who had sought protection.

She said 2016 had been a year of "severe tests".

But she also said she was confident Germany could overcome them.

"As we go about our lives and our work, we are saying to the terrorists:  'You are hate-filled murderers, but you do not determine how we live and want to live. We are free, considerate and open'," Mrs Merkel said.

One of the questions to be asked is if they are "hate-filled murderers" because they are refugees who have been rejected or because they are jihadists or for some other reason.

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