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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Its Official, Mass Down 1

We are down one seat in the US House of Representatives.

The article in The Boston Globe was pretty straight forward, except for this from our Governor:
"My role in it is to make sure the plan is fair and open and produces a result that we can be confident in," Patrick said at press conference. "It’s a political process, right? So there is some give-and-take. But there are rules. There are constitutional rules."
I am very dubious about the impact of the Governor, who is, after all, renting property on Beacon Hill from the General Court of Massachusetts.  A Governor without his own executive mansion.  Have I mentioned in the past that even the Mayor of New York has his own official residence.

Columnist John Keller has an interview with Massachusetts Secretary of State Galvin on reapportionment.  Hot air.  The only hammer is the courts and they are reluctant to do much.  On the other hand, Former Speaker Tom Finneran did give up his law license over how he messed up Chelmsford.

UPDATE:  And for those who care, here is how the number of US House seats is calculated.

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