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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Culture Clash Within West

For John, BLUFYou come to America to be an American, not to be a Syrian.  Or, you are here as a refugee with the intent to return home and save your nation as soon as you can.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

From Ms Carrie Lukas and The New York Post, on 9 February, we have this commentary:  "Euro-feminists in meltdown over immigrant rape">

Here is how it starts:

European feminists are in a bind.

The current crisis over North African and Middle Eastern migrants’ violence toward women is proving that the PC culture they have so carefully constructed is cracking around them, forcing into conflict two of their sacred principles:  Blame whatever it is on the white man and, in cases of rape, always believe the woman over the man.

OK, let us stop here and clean up some terminology.  The term is Caucasian, not "white".  Do we still call Asians "yellow"?  Of course not!  Do we use "Black".  Yes, in these United States because there is a consensus out there that they want to be known that way.  We should honor that.

But, let us remember that people coming from the Middle East are Caucasians.  That is their Race.  Arab is not a race.  It is an ethnic group, like Hispanic.  And, more important, labeling Muslims as a race or ethnic group misses the point that they are members of a religion, and not the only religion in the Middle East.

But, back to the article, here is where the issue is formulated.

As a pillar of the progressive movement, the feminists want to be on the side of the refugees flooding the EU from the Middle East and Northern Africa.  After all, the refugees are an oppressed minority group, and therefore should be on the feminist team fighting the Old World’s white patriarchy.

But the masses of refugees include lots of men.  Lots.

In fact, an estimated 75 percent of refugees to the European Union last year were men, and they weren’t exactly keen on fighting for women’s rights.

In fact, most of these guys really like the patriarchy, and a patriarchy far more aggressively anti-woman than anything privileged Western feminists have encountered in the liberal enclaves of Berlin and Brussels.

So, we have a clash of cultures, wherein the people from the Middle East do not have the same cultural values as people from Western Europe.  You may not like all those Western values, but it may be that those Western values are preferred, in the West, to those from other areas.

I, for one, am for legal immigration to these United States.  But, I am not for colonization of the United States by people who want to change American values, including American ideas of freedom and American ideas of how to organize the economy.  Those who want to change things in the United States are actually aggressing against those who wish to come here and prosper in our culture.

Here is my example:

Juan comes to the United States because he has a dream of opening his own landscaping business, and, with his wife, running a Salsa Dance studio.  But, some from the Middle East, certain Sunni Muslims, think dancing is wrong, especially mixed sex dancing in public places.  Whose values are we going to honor?
But, it is America, so you get a vote.  Just don't bring your machete.

Hat tip to the InstaPundit.

Regards  —  Cliff

  Yes, words are important.  If we don't all understand words as meaning the same thing then we can't really have a conversation.
  And, let us be clear in stating that those who are Portuguese are not Hispanic, including those from Brazil and other Portuguese colonized areas.  If you need a word, use Lusitanian.
  And not all the people in the Middle East are Muslim.  Putting aside the nation of Israel, there are still other religions in the Middle East, including Druze, Christian, Yazidi, Zoroastrian.  And within Islam Sunni is not Shia.

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