Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Out Back Question of the Week

The Out Back Question of the Week is a multiple guess question.

Who is the current leader of the Republican Party?

a) Michael Steele  (The poster had originally put David Steele)

b) Rush Limbaugh

c) Dick Chaney

d) Sarah Palin

e) Someone else

f) No one

Regards  —  Cliff


N.D. Burnside said...

I think you mean Michael Steele, not David Steele. Michael was elected by a jury of his pears and he fairly and squarely is the chairman of the RNC, and hence in lieu of a national election

C R Krieger said...

And N D Burnside is absolutely correct that it is Michael and not David.  I wonder who is David Steele.  Obviously the English cricketer.  I will update the question.  The idea that I had the wrong first name did pass, like a shadow, over my mind, and then disappear.  I should have been disturbed and rechecked, but didn't.  Thanks N D Burnside.

However, while Michael Steele is the de jure head of the party (and I was happy with the choice), I am not sure he is the de facto head.

Regards  —  Cliff