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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Republicans vs the Republican Establishment

George Will on "Identity Politics".

Sure, the Democrats are going to pull it out in November, helped by the brilliance of President Barack Obama and his team, and the Congressional Leadership of Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi, but an insurgency within the Conservative movement is changing the face of the Republican Party and the attitude of voters.

Sure, one can say that former Governor Sarah Palin isn't really a good female role model, since she is a graduate of a cow college and didn't abort her most recent child, but we are seeing more and more women and racial minorities moving ahead in the Republican Party, along with Governor Palin.  And, the Tea Party is helping this trend.

We will see what this portends.

Regards  —  Cliff


Jack Mitchell said...

This is wrong on multiple fronts.

Sure, one can say that former Governor Sarah Palin isn't really a good female role model, since she is a graduate of a cow college and didn't abort her most recent child,

1st, she is a former HALF TERM governor

2nd, your metrics of role model are wrong. She graduated and is trying to be a good mom. That is role model enough for many of us.

But most of all, it is exceptionally piss poor to say such utter bullshit as "since she.. didn't abort her most recent child,". Cliff, are you one of those that refers to the many, that favor a woman's privacy and bodily domain, as "pro-abortion?" Many of "us" personally would choose to carry a fetus to full term, but allow for each to decide for themselves.

So, it is with great offense that I read you assuming that the metric you offer is valid. It is not!

I respect Palin for her choice. I detest the politicization of it. A trap which you, my friend, have fallen into.

C R Krieger said...

Sarcasm.  I was trying to be sarcastic.

One of the things that made me think of it was an OpEd in The Boston Globe by Ms Ellen Goodman.  The title was "Mama Grizzly (and other setbacks)" and it was her annual look at the progress of women and those who resisted that progress.

Ms Goodman started out by asking what Ms Susan B Anthony would think of "Mama Grizzly".  I thought it was interesting that Ms Anthony was strongly opposed to abortion, seeing it as a tool for men to exploit women.

What would Susan B. Anthony make of Sarah Palin as the most outspoken female politician in the land, or of Palin’s menagerie of groupies? The former leader of “pit bulls with lipstick” is now a “Mama Grizzly” intent on escorting a “stampede of pink elephants” — a.k.a. ultra-conservative female Republicans — to Washington.

The other thing that moved me to write this is the linking, over at the Richard Howe Blog to the E J Dionne OpEd.  (Which I linked to at the original post.)

I actually think that Ms Palin is a good role model for working mothers.  As for the abortion issue, we have the situation where 70 to 80% (maybe up to 85%) of the American People think abortion is wrong and the same rough number think abortion should be legal.  That shows that while each of us has his or her opinion on the issue, it is very complicated in the mind of the voters.  And, I suspect, that is why we are where we are in the United States on this issue.  The choice is left to the individual.

Where I come down on this issue at this time is that at the far end of of the gestation we should be very careful about termination.  I am definitely opposed to the thoughts of people like Professor Peter Singer, down at Princeton, who thinks that human life doesn't become real until weeks after birth.

So, for trying to make a humorous post by being sarcastic, I apologize.

Regards  —  Cliff