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Friday, September 17, 2010

Victoria Fahlberg Stepping Down

ONE Lowell has announced that Dr Victoria Fahlberg is stepping down as Executive Director of the organization at the end of the month.

Ms Fahlberg has been at it with ONE Lowell since 2002.  Finding new challenges seems a natural progression and it will be interesting to see where she sets her hand in the future.  I expect she will still be thinking about alternative voting systems in Lowell.  And, I am sure there are other issues that will catch her attention.  I think that Lowell will continue to benefit from her interests and activities.

Thanks to Dr Fahlberg for her work.  As the announcement by the Board says:
ONE Lowell is well positioned to continue these efforts on behalf of immigrants and refugees in Lowell. We are proud with the work she has done to get ONE Lowell to the level where it is today. We are extremely grateful and thankful to Victoria's dedication to the vision of ONE Lowell over the past several years and all she did to strengthen the community and impact the lives so many people.
we are extremely grateful.

Regards  —  Cliff

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