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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Space is the Place

But Congress is where the decisions are made.  In today's Boston Globe (page A4 of my two star edition) is a short by-lined article on Congress and the Administration agreeing on funding for NASA for the coming year.  The good news is that the Obama Administration gets 75% of what it wants to support commercial space activities for Fiscal Year 2011, which begins 1 October of this calendar year.  That would be $609 million out of a requested $812 million.

While the Obama Administration takes a lot of heat from the opposition for what is seen as a socialist agenda, regarding space exploration and exploitation it seems to be encouraging a lot of capitalism, as noted in this article.
Realizing how internationally competitive space has become, the Obama Administration is trying to make NASA more flexible and innovative by proposing the most market-oriented space policy in decades. The plans to revamp the human space program have received the most media and political attention. Less reported but as significant are efforts to advance commercial development, to encourage aerospace exports by significantly streamlining the bureaucratic International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) process, and to revamp the NASA Advisory Council to promote a more entrepreneurial perspective.
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