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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fighting Anti-Semitism

For John, BLUFAnti-Semitism appears to be timeless.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

At The Volokh Conspiracy Mr David Bernstein gives us "Attempted pogrom thwarted by Jewish self-defense groups".  This is about ongoings in Paris.  France has had Anti-Semitism in the past, including a century ago, when a Jewish Army Captain was sacrificed for the "Honor of the Army", while the true spy for Austria was allowed to roam free.  Thank God for Emile Zola.

The article is dated 20 July 2014.

But, that is Europe, where the hint of Anti-Semitism is always there, although increased now by waves of Muslim immigrants who bring their prejudices with them, rather than leaving them on the dock when they step off the boat on French soil.

On the other hand Hot Air tells us "Police protect Jewish students from Pro-Palestinian mob…in Boston".  In Boston.  I seem to have missed that in the news.  The article, here, is dated 21 July 2014 and is by Mr Guy Benson.

Here is Mr Benson's lede quote:

For the third time in eight days, Boston police were forced to intervene when a small group of student Israel supporters was swarmed by demonstrators screaming anti-Semitic epithets and initiating physical contact, said students involved in the incident…A handful of Jewish students with Israeli flags was surrounded by demonstrators shouting anti-Semitic epithets and – according to two of the students – a tense minute of “pushing and shoving.” Soon after the “die-in” ended, Brett Loewenstern — a Berklee College of Music student and pro-Israel activist – entered the fray with his boyfriend, Israeli-born Avi Levi. According to Loewenstern, he and his boyfriend’s combining of an Israeli flag with a rainbow flag – the symbol for gay rights – set off a hailstorm of insults from demonstrators. Among other things, the shouts included “Jews back to Birkenau” and “Drop dead, you Zionazi whores,” said Loewenstern and other witnesses…During a gathering outside the Boston Public Library on Thursday evening, police had to protect Valdary and student activist Daniel Mael from what Valdary called “hundreds of people shouting ‘Allah is great.’”
The best way to deal with these sorts of things is to say "No thank you" to things when they first come up.  Social distancing, so to speak.  Good People may have various opinions on Israel and Palestine, but they do not disparage Jews, nor Palestinians.

Regards  —  Cliff

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