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Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Voting Locations in Lowell

For John, BLUFSometimes Government does listen.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Yes, we have a Press Release from the Lowell Election Commission.  The subject is the listing of the new polling locations.
LOWELL, MA (July 25, 2014) On Thursday, July 24, 2014 the City of Lowell Election Commission voted to relocate eleven of the City’s twenty polling locations.  These changes will ensure that polling locations are handicap accessible and compliant with state regulations.  The City of Lowell Election Commission collaborated with the City of Lowell Disability Commission, neighborhood leaders and community organizations to provide the best possible polling locations for the voters of Lowell.  The Election Commission will continue to make improvements to polling locations to guarantee student safety, equal accessibility and increased voter participation.

The City of Lowell Election Commission would like to thank our new community partners including Lowell Housing Authority, Lowell Telecommunications, D’Youville Life and Wellness Community and the Iglesia Cristiana De Rstrcn Church.

All residents’ impacts these changes will be notified by mail prior to Election Day.  Below is an updated list of all polling locations throughout the City of Lowell.

This is local government the way it should be.  The People spoke up, the rules were reviewed and action was taken in an open meeting.

Regards  —  Cliff

11Father Norton Manor, Lowell Housing Authority137 High Street
12Reilly School115 Douglas Road
13 Reilly School115 Douglas Road
21Pollard Memorial Library401 Merrimack Street
22Lowell Telecommunications Corporation (LTC)246 Market Street
23Lowell Telecommunications Corporation (LTC)246 Market Street
31Bailey School175 Campbell Drive
32Bailey School175 Campbell Drive
33Morey School114 Pine Street
41Morey School114 Pine Street
42Flanagan Development, Lowell Housing Authority580 Chelmsford Street
43Rogers School43 Highland Street
51McAvinnue School117 Mammoth Road
52Fr. Morrissette Manor, Lowell Housing Authority111 Hildreth Street
53Greenhalge School149 Ennell Street
61McAvinnue School117 Mammoth Road
62Bruyere Gardens at D'Youville975 Varnum Avenue
63Bruyere Gardens at D'Youville975 Varnum Avenue
71Senior Center276 Broadway Street
72Senior Center276 Broadway Street
73Senior Center276 Broadway Street
81City of Lowell Health Department341 Pine Street
82James Daley School150 Fleming Street
83James Daley School150 Fleming Street
91Fr. Morrissette Manor, Lowell Housing Authority111 Hildreth Street
92Robinson School110 June Street
93Robinson School110 June Street
101Iglesia Cristiana De Rstrcn Church53 Blossom Street
102Faulkner Street Apartments, Lowell Housing AuthorityFaulkner Street
103St. Anthony's Parish Hall920 Central Street
111Shaughnessy School1170 Gorham Street
112J.G. Pyne School145 Boylston Street
113J.G. Pyne School145 Boylston Street

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