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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Out to the Hustings

For John, BLUFI'm for Cameron, but then I am a real Liberal.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

From The International New York Times we have "Britain:  Labour Leader Starts Bid for Prime Minister".  The election, Thursday, 7 May, is not that far away.  Oh, The Old Grey Lady blames Reuters for this story.
Ed Miliband, leader of the opposition Labour Party, began his campaign on Friday to become Britain’s next prime minister with a plan to protect the treasured but expensive National Health Service and a swipe at private businesses that profit from the state-funded system. Polls have Labour tied with Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative Party six weeks ahead of the May 7 vote. It is set to be the tightest election in decades, and the outcome could influence whether Britain leaves the European Union or Scotland begins a fresh bid for independence. Voters rank the National Health Service as a crucial election issue, polls show, and Mr. Miliband kicked off his campaign with a tub-thumping speech.
Ed Miliband.  Not his brother David.  The incumbent Prime Minister is David Cameron.

There could be consequences from this election, as the article notes.

If you want to follow the lower side of the election, go to Order-Order and see what Guido Fawkes has to say.  If you win the Caption Contest you would win a copy of God and Mrs Thatcher

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