Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Hat in the Ring

For John, BLUFA scoop for City Life?  Nothing to see here; just move along.

This morning on City Life we had Senior Host John McDonough, Host George Anthes, Co-Host Linda Bown and guests Kamara Kay, Julie Ngor, and Champa Pang.  All were excellent.

One thing that happened was John McDonough let out the news that former School Committee Candidate Kamara Kay is gearing up to run for the 18th Middlesex Representative seat, the one currently held by Democrat Rady Mom.  Mr Kay is a Republican, a graduate of Lowell High School and also of Norwich, up in Vermont.

Here is the article in The [Lowell] Sun.

Yes, I am supporting Kamara Kay.

Host George Anthes gave Kamara Kay advice as to how he should attack Rady Mom, to which the new candidate replied that he didn't even know if Rady Mom would run for a second term.  Host George Anthes also queried Kamara Kay as to if he would get support from Governor Charlie Baker and other leading Republicans.  Of course this is the same George Anthes, a registered Republican, who does not support Republican candidates for State Rep or State Senator in his own district, but that is another story.

You can watch a rerun of the show this afternoon on LTC CHannel 8 or HERE on the internet.

More from the show in the next post.

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  And at his blog Gerry Nutter had this to say.

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