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Sunday, November 6, 2016

In England, Rear Guard Action

For John, BLUFThere are those who just don't trust you to know what you really want.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Writing for the British online version of Spiked, Editor Brendan O’Neill tells us that the Swells are disrespecting the plebs (plebeians).  Here is the sub=headline:
The use of the law to stymie Brexit is a naked, elitist assault on democracy.
Here is the lede:
Today’s High Court ruling that Article 50 should not be triggered by the government but rather must be mulled over and decided on by MPs is being presented as a mere technical decision.  It’s just about ins and outs.  It’s about practicalities, not politics.  It’s about the ‘procedure and policy’ of how we leave the EU, says one of the filthy-rich claimants who took this Brexitphobic court action.  They really must believe their own propaganda about us Brexit-backing plebs being ‘low information’ (Forbes) and ‘ignoramuses’ (Richard Dawkins) if they think we’re going to buy this. We aren’t.  This court action, and the glee it’s being greeted with by media and political haters of Brexit, is 100 per cent political, to its core.  It’s motivated far less by a love for legally clean procedure than by a naked disdain for ordinary people and our democratic authority.  It’s not a blow for box-ticking; it’s a blow against what we the people said in the ballot box on 23 June.
Exactly.  It is the bien-pensant against the plebs.  In the Colonies it is the Clintonites against the Trumpsters.

Article 50 is about leaving the European Union.  The "escape clause".

Hat tip to the InstaPundit.

Regards  —  Cliff

  From The Wall Street Journal we have a story on Article 50 of the European Union Charter.

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