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Thursday, November 10, 2016

New Problems in the Middle East

For John, BLUFAnother crisis only hours away.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

From the Institute for the Study of War and author Wesam Hassanein.  Trouble is brewing in Egypt.

Here is the lede:

Key Takeaway:  The Muslim Brotherhood called for mass protests on Friday, November 11 in response to harsh economic reforms by the Egyptian government.  Egypt is at risk of major economic and political instability following President Sisi's decision to implement severe economic policies in pursuit of a loan from the IMF, which he hopes will stabilize Egypt's turbulent economy.  Egypt's dire economic situation is compounded by geopolitical tension.  Most notably, Saudi Arabia's decision to halt oil shipments put the Egyptian government in a very precarious financial and political position.  Islamist and militant groups will likely take advantage of this instability, and use it as an opportunity to gain power in Egypt.
This is a sticky situation.  We, as Americans, should be concerned.

  • We should be concerned because Egypt's Suez Canal is an important link in international trade and thus in keeping people employed and economies humming.
  • If Egypt goes sideways the new government might elect to not work with our ally, Israel, but to threaten it, which means a major diplomatic, and perhaps military, problem for the US.
  • An economic or governmental meltdown in Egypt will only add to the refugee crisis in Europe, and thus in the United States.
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