Sunday, March 12, 2017

Down the Rabbit Hole

For John, BLUFTrue Progressives never trust the IC.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Note that this is Nation of Change and not Breitbart.  The Reporter is Mr Dave Lindorff, on 11 March 2017.

Source is WikiMedia Commons

Here is the first part of the article, setting the stage:

The so-called Deep State and Democratic Party campaign to demonize Russia for allegedly “hacking the US election,” and delivering the country into the hands of Donald Trump suffered a huge and probably mortal blow this week with the release by WikiLeaks of over 7000 secret CIA documents disclosing secret CIA hacking technologies.

The case being made against Russia as being the source of leaked emails of the Democratic National Committee and of Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta – documents that proved that the DNC had been corrupting the primary process in favor of corporatist candidate Hillary Clinton and undermining the campaign of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, and that also revealed the embarrassing contents of Clinton’s highly paid secret speeches to a number of giant Wall Street banks – had always been tenuous, with no hard evidence ever presented. All the intelligence agencies would say was that they had a “high degree of certainty,” or “strong reason to believe” that the Russians were the source of the deeply damaging documents late in the campaign season.

But, we were told there were "Russian" fingerprints on the intrusions.

Now that is not so clear.  Back to the article:

What this means is that current efforts by Democratic Party leaders and Deep State leakers in the government intelligence sector to pin the blame on Russia for hacking the election or for trying to help elect Trump as president, now must confront the counter-argument that the Deep State itself, in the form of the CIA, may have been behind the hacks, but is making it look like the Russians did it.
Yes, I am calling for a full and complete investigation by the US Congress.  A bipartisan investigation.  Looking at both the Trump (and Clinton) Campaign, but also at the Obama Administration and the IC (Intelligence Community), to include the FBI (and its parent organization).

And please note that if you say the election was hacked that is different from saying the DNC was hacked.

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