Saturday, March 11, 2017

Fake News from Former President Obama's Half Brother

For John, BLUFSomeone said that fiction just can't keep up with reality.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

I am not sure what The American Mirror is, but it appears to be a Blog Site.  The Blogger is Mr Kyle Olson.
An Obama has joined the birther movement.

Malik Obama, Barack Obama’s half-brother, tweeted image of what appears to be Barack’s birth certificate.

Except it’s not from Hawaii, but rather Kenya.

“What’s this?” he tweeted.

The document is from the “Coast Province General Hospital” in Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya, and is for Barack Hussein Obama II, who was born on the “4th day of August, 1961.”

I am assuming this is some form of family joke.  I have no doubt that Former President Obama was born in Hawaii.  This is settled science.  But, Brothers will be Brothers.

Hat tip to the Drudge Report.

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