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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Killing the High School Plans

For John, BLUFWell, it will be a circus.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Why would someone give us a ballot question for November on the location of the new Lowell High School, except to disrupt the current plan of moving to Cawley?

Reading Candidate Gerry Nutter's Pocket Little for Sunday, I am thinking he is thinking that also.

There are some questions to be asked about the logic of the whole thing.

On the one hand, the competent authorities have decided on Cawley. On the other hand, the Never Move crowd seems to have settled for a Fabian Strategy, wearing down the Cawley Crowd until it all falls apart, or the delays make the Cawley option too expensive.

But, what will the ballot question look like?

  • Will it include the four options already considered?
  • Will it include an option to do nothing?
  • Will it include John McDonough's Hamilton Canal Option?
  • Will it offer an option to have two High Schools?
The wording of the question and the foils for picking are going to be all important.

Frankly, I don't care if they put the students in GP Medium Tents, as long as they (the school system) has a variety of teaching methods which enables them to reach all the students, and allows all those students to become successes later in life.

I am thinking the ballot question is a distractor.

Regards  —  Cliff

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Unknown said...

non binding is a waste of emotion, if the decision makers can make a decision and it goes to the taxpayers, then the taxpayers decision must be final!
John McDonough