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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Not All Refugees Are the Same (Part Deux)

From my previous post, a continuation.

This is where, I believe Ms Linda Sarsour goes off the rails.  I don't mind her understanding of jihad, as religious struggle.  It is her refusal of assimilation that strikes me as destructive of our American way of life.  Small communities, quiet and respectful of our laws, such as the Amish and the ultra Orthodox Jews of Kiryas Joel do work.  But, not large groups of unassimilated anybody.  If they don't wish to assimilate they should leave our shores, as did several million immigrants.  See, for example, Round-Trip to America: The Immigrants Return to Europe, 1880–1930, by Mr Mark Wyman, about the four million some immigrants who returned to Europe after coming to America.

Regards — Cliff

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