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Monday, April 30, 2018

Showing Initiative

TRIGGER WARNING:  In which I talk about how President T Jefferson colluded with the French to displace a large number of Native American tribes.

For John, BLUFThis day in history, a long time ago.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

From the Instapundit, Posted by Gail Heriot, 30 April 2018.

Here is the blog post:

On this day in 1803, American Minister to France Robert Livingston, James Monroe and Barb√© Marbois signed the Treaty for the Louisiana Purchase in Paris.  The Americans had been authorized by President Jefferson to offer up to $10 million for New Orleans and its environs and were shocked to be offered the whole enchilada for only $15 million (cheap!).  Certain that the United States would approve, Livingston took the deal.  Back then, owing to the difficulty of communications, diplomats had to have more discretion that they do now.  That was also true for a whole lot of other people separated by distance from their “superiors.”
And, today the proposed increase in scope would have to be staffed through several Departments and independent agencies.  The establishment would then say no.

Ah, for the days when the Admiral could put his telescope to his blind eye and act on his own judgement.

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