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Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Vendée Revolt—1793

For John, BLUFRevolutions are usually ugly things, and often end up with even worse governments.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

I don't remember where I picked up this description of the French Revolutionary Government dealing with the people of the Venndée Region of France (out on the Atlantic Coast).
THE FRENCH GENOCIDE that was written out of history.  “It became customary to drown brigands naked, not merely so that the Revolutionaries could help themselves to the Vendéens’ clothes, but also so that the younger women among them could be raped before death.  Drownings spread far beyond Nantes:  on 16th December, General Marceau sent a letter to the Revolutionary Minister of War triumphantly announcing, among other victories, that at least 3,000 non-combatant Vendéen women had been drowned at Pont-au-Baux.  The Revolutionaries were drunk with blood, and could not slaughter their brigand prisoners fast enough—women, children, old people, priests, the sick, the infirm.  If the prisoners could not walk fast enough to the killing grounds, they were bayoneted in the stomach and left on the ground to be trampled by other prisoners as they bled to death. . . . Men, women and children were more often shot, or burned alive in their houses.  Some of the Crusading soldiers had the idea of lighting ovens, stoking them and baking Vendéen families in them.  Babies were not spared; nor were toddlers or small children.  The usual practice was to kill babies in front of their mothers, then kill the mothers.  Young girls were often drowned, after first being raped.  Widows were usually beaten, insulted and drowned.”

The French Revolution was the model for all succeeding leftist regimes.

And that is the way with revolutions.

The likelihood of a peaceful revolution, a bloodless Coup, is small.

The Progressives best be careful of their seeking to overthrow President Trump.  The best hope for a peaceful ejection of President Trump is the ballot box in November of 2020.

Regards  —  Cliff

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