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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Are We Seeing a Pattern Here?

Mr Alejandro E. Serra, a resident of Framingham, seems to have caused some mayhem therein, in addition to precipitating a high speed chance down the I-90.  And, he was driving without a license.  And he has been accused of being involved with illegal drugs.

So, is it possible that he developed this general disrespect for the law based upon his experience with our immigration laws?

See the article in The Boston Globe on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, either Reporters John M. Guilfoil and John R. Ellement were not willing to be explicit about Mr Serra's immigration status, or their editors were squeamish about mentioning it, or the Globe Stylebook is very, very PC.

The fourth paragraph from the end of a relatively long article says:
Serra is a foreign national.  Immigration and Customs Enforcement has placed a detainer on him and is investigating, an agency spokesman said last night.
What exactly does this paragraph mean?

Regards  —  Cliff


Craig H said...

The point (I think) being made here is exactly the way the AZ folks' PR machine and legislation authors got it backwards. The point should not be to become obsessed about otherwise-innocent people's immigration status. That's a pure loser of a position--if you're paying taxes and adding to society, then what, really, is the community's beef beyond line-jumping?

The point I would prefer to make is to give our law enforcement personnel additional ammunition to control bad guys, and then to use that extra edge to throw the book at 'em and make sure the rest of us no longer have to endure the fallout from their bad behavior. I mean, seriously--why not write a law that says the penalty for whatever else of which you are convicted as an illegal immigrant is doubled, and that all property becomes forfeit (like with drug seizures) to help pay for the incarceration and eventual deportation?

Send the message that if you're here illegally, but doing things the right way in all other ways, that you're going to have a much different experience than if you're here illegally and not playing nice with the privilege.

Anonymous said...

The illegal immigrants in Boston connected to the Time Square terrorist, the 6 illegals suspected of being Russian Spies and suspected illegal Alejandro Serra all have one thing in common they are illegally in the US. Any blanket amnesty or protected status resulting from an executive order could put all of the above on a "path to citizen" and potentially allow them to move freely across our borders!. In the case of the Russians might any rushed-inadequate background checks allow them access to sensitive US. information. A good reputation with your neighbors etc. however lengthy is not enough. The plain truth is that the US has limited information of who is in our country and the negative effect of drug dealers and terrorist becoming legal residents and/or citizens. Are these the best of the best that we want in our country? Shouldn't the president consider first impact on our national security, deficit and strain on our entitlements, jobs ( legals are employed in all occupations including agriculture) before the well being of illegal in our country?

ncrossland said...

Oh come on MA......your own beloved AG says that it is not "illegal to be illegal in the state of MA" and your beloved Guv refuses to even discuss the matter...preferring instead to attend every counter cultural event he can find.

And in the meantime, to cheers from the party in power in the District of Criminals, Mexico's El Presidente suggests that it is the right of his constituents to cross the border and live in the US while retaining Mexican citizenship. Of course, there is an economic incentive for his position considering the amount of legal AND illegal tender being carted back into HIS country.

Wake up America......the gates have long ago been breached. Oh...I'm sorry.....we are all now offically part of the New World Order...Barry tells us so.

But "Hey"'s okay because these people who are here but not exactly "legally" do work and buy goods so who are WE to complain?