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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ce qui est ceci

UPDATE:  I viewed the link below on my MacBook.  Kad Barma viewed it and detected a virus.  So, a word to the wise.  This might well be worth skipping.

A friend of mine sent along this web site.

I don't do so well in French, so I am just guessing at what this is all about.

Regards  —  Cliff

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Craig H said...

First off, a warning: The web site hosts a virus attack. My anti-virus caught and quarantined the bad software, but people should be extremely careful if they insist upon visiting, and all should definitely run a scan after. Not kosher!

Once I was there, the Google Translate button does a pretty good job on unscrambling the French--the page asserts they found mortars and etc. behind sacks of flour on one of the intercepted boats.

Besides the virus, I find it worth noting that I could Google no English-language or mainstream media coverage that would confirm the assertion. I should think some PR-savvy Israeli would have invited the world press to view the search so it could be broadcast, or at least trotted out the contraband to be photographed after the fact...

My conclusion is that someone is using the notoriety of the story to try to infect computers, and that the journalism is extremely suspect.