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Friday, October 29, 2010

MarylandDelaware Senate Race

UPDATE:  You know how once in a while you have a sense that something isn't exactly right, but then you let it slide?  In this case I did and I thank Renee Aste for sending me a note in the form of a comment.

I have been twice asked this week what I thought of the Christine O'Donnell / Chris Coons contest in MarylandDelware.  This is Vice President Joe Biden's former seat.

Both times I was asked for my opinion I went with the conventional wisdom—Ms O'Donnell will lose.

One person asked me if I was commenting from the point of view of trying to govern or from the joy of the game and I admitted that in fact, I do enjoy politics and the ups and downs that go with it.

But, back to Ms O'Donnell.  I see her as the bellwether. If she pulls it out, it will likely mean an "extinction event" for the Democrats in Congress.  If Ms O'Donnell wins, than, I would think that a lot of seats will change hands.

But, that said, I think that Sharon Angle is going to beat Harry Reid whatever the outcome in MarylandDelaware.  For some reason I am interested in that race.  Probably it is because once again someone who was dismissed early on by the (dare I say it?) elites has done a pretty good job battling the incumbent.  In fact, though, Sharon Angle was not the unknown grandmother she was portrayed as.  Taking on the State Governor over an issue of constitutionality while in the state legislature is not ingénue league action.

As for local predictions, I am thinking.

Regards  —  Cliff


Renee said...

Delaware, not Maryland.

It's the same to me too, in a blink of an eye you pass them when on I-95.

Except when in traffic, then you are there for ever.

C R Krieger said...

Thanks, Renee.

Regards  —  Cliff