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Friday, October 29, 2010

Traffic Pattern Changes

Sticking to the Phoenix theme, if one is Southbound on Route 38/Rogers Street and comes up on the traffic light at Phoenix Avenue / Douglas Road, one finds that the traffic pattern, after restriping, has changed.  Before resurfacing and the repainting the road widened, Southbound (toward I-495 and Tewksbury), into two lanes, both of which could go forward.  Now, the Number 1 lane (left lane) is a mandatory left turn lane.

I wonder where that came from?

Will my safety be enhanced by this change?  Will idlying, consuming gas, be reduced?  Will traffic revert back to what people are used to, even before the left turn arrow weathers to invisible?

Regards  —  Cliff

1 comment:

JoeS said...

Although striping/arrows may be a low cost way of channeling traffic, it would be better to have overhead signage preceeding such intersections to alert unknowing (especially visitors) drivers which lane to get into before it is too late.

Why would a combined lane be changed to left turn only? Maybe to reduce the number of straight-thru drivers changing lanes when "stuck" behind a person waiting to turn left, and possibly causing an accident with that maneuver.