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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Contacting Senator Kerry

I sent a message to our Senior Senator, regarding the Internet.  I sent it about one o'clock today.

I received this response, with a DTG of February 26, 2011 1:01:57 PM EST:
Thank you for contacting my online office. I always appreciate hearing from you, whether you're getting in touch with us for help on a constituent matter or weighing in on the issues being debated right now in the United States Senate -- whatever the reason for your email, please know that we read these emails diligently and please be assured that our office will work in a timely manner to respond to your comments and concerns. If this matter is time sensitive, I'd encourage you to also call my offices in Massachusetts or Washington and speak with a member of my team so there's no waiting and we can begin to help you today. DC 202-224-2742. MA 617-565-8519.

Two quick notes:

First, this email account is not technologically able to receive a response to this email, it is only an outgoing account -- so please submit any additional comments through my website at -- I always want to hear from you, and I always want to make sure that your feedback and comments are properly received here.

Second, please sign up for my electronic newsletter by visiting -- it's free, it doesn't cost the taxpayers a dime, and it doesn't waste paper -- but it's another way for us to stay in touch and for me to update you on the work I'm doing and all the issues that affect Massachusetts which are being debated and voted on in the United States Senate.
The question is, when will I get an actual response?

My message was:
Dear Senator

I have been getting EMails saying that the FCC has taken actions to control the Internet through something called "Internet Neutrality" and that the Commerce Department is working on some sort of national Internet ID.

Is the Internet slipping out of the hands of our US Congress and into the hands of the bureaucrats in DC? That is to say, if the current freedom going away?


Regards -- Cliff Krieger
I tried to keep it fairly generic, so that the Senator and his staff could work with it and give me the larger picture as seen from his office.  Incidentally, his website page for sending questions and comments had this note:
Mail Delay
Although mail delivery to the United States Capitol offices has resumed, the delivery process is still very slow and not yet back to normal. Until the mail process is more timely, the best way to contact me or my Washington, DC staff remains either by phone at (202) 224-2742 or via the contact form on this page.
Time will tell.

Regards  —  Cliff

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Jack Mitchell said...

Geesh, Cliff. I put you and one of his staffers in the same room at the Elks Club.

Had I known, I would have introduced you. ;v)