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Monday, February 28, 2011

Looks and Politics

From a team of Swedish and Finnish economics comes the news that parties on the "right" tend to have physically better looking candidates.

I read the analysis in the news article and it tends to confirms that left wing analysts are both not better looking, but also more prone to rationalization.  Your mileage may differ.

Hat tip to Tom Smith of The Right Coast

Regards  —  Cliff

  Whatever that means.


John Mitchell said...

Rational and "rationalize" are very different.
Explaining the findings, he said that globally, "the left perhaps traditionally has used a more rational approach.

A couple of points:
- Mitt Romney is an A-Hole of the highest order. Everyone knows that, even him. Looks only cover up so much.

- I wonder how many of the beautiful "self acheivers" have ever accounted for the lottery of birth that swayed the public. They were subsidized by their looks.

And don't imagine that Dems are immune to this. Why do you think Clinton beat Tsongas? And Dennis Kucinich? Never in a million years!

The thing here, is that conservatives spend so much energy channeling the instincts they value, they get blindsided by the instincts they attempt to ignore.

Jack Mitchell said...

Oh crap! I used my government name.

Now my wife will know I'm blogging. ;v)

C R Krieger said...

But, your good looks will save you.

Regards  —  Cliff