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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Date and Place to Think About Making Things Better

The City Council Rules Sub-committee has set a date for their next meeting—Tuesday 8 March.

That has triggered a small group of citizens to gather on this Wednesday evening, 23 February, at 7:00 PM (1900), at the Dunkin Donuts on Fletcher Street to talk about improving voting and access to voting in our Fair City.

Who might go to such a meeting, besides YOU?

How about John McDonough or Victoria Fahlberg or Jack Mitchell or Tom Wirtanen or John Nappi or Ryan Berard or Cliff Krieger?  And, since John McDonough can't make tomorrow night there is a place for YOU.
Please come and join us and talk about how to get more folks involved in our City Government and in voting.


Regards  —  Cliff

  What can I say.  Lord Kitchener it isn't, but it is clean copyright wise.

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