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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Keep Your Hands Off Our Bodies"

Law Professor Ann Althouse is on a roll today.  This is her THIRD post on Constitutional Law Professor Lawerence Tribe's OpEd in today's New York Times.

In the OpEd Professor Tribe is talking about what will happen when the Health Insurance Reform Law (often mistakenly called Obama Care) gets to the US Supreme Court.

In this Post Professor Althouse talks to Professor Tribe's careless use of the word "choice".  She does link to her earlier posts on the OpEd.

The question Professor Tribe is trying to address is the "Commerce Clause".  Is the any limit to what the US Congress can regulate under it?  Can they eventually regulate nail clippers, and from there, how I clip my finger nails?

Regards  —  Cliff


Craig H said...
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Craig H said...

High irony in conservative complaints about government mandates and medical "choice" in light of their hypocritical stance related to such in the case of pregnant citizens.

This can't be had both ways.

C R Krieger said...

au contraire.

Besides, I think Althouse is pro-abortion.

She sees Tribe putting it at risk.

Regards  —  Regards

Craig H said...

Au contraire? I thought I was agreeing with her point?

It's no less ironic when liberals want to stick their legislative and judicial nose into people's healthcare decisions, but only certain ones.

The whole thing (the whole argument meaning both sides) bothers me because it's energy expended to no good end--if the libertarian view towards the supremacy of individual liberty were upheld, we'd be done, and nobody would be unhappy, except all the big-government "liberals" and "conservatives" who would have to go home disappointed because they weren't able to make other people live like they think they ought.