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Monday, June 24, 2013

The Limbaugh Theorem

For John, BLUFMr Obama wouldn't be the first such politician.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Somewhere out there in radio land is The Limbaugh Theorem.  This hasn't yet made it to the Wikipedia page on the The Rush Limbaugh Show. The Theorem is summed up here:

People do not associate Obama with his agenda, and that's because he's permanently campaigning.  He's running against his own agenda, by design, on purpose.  He's running against what's happening.  He makes people think that he doesn't like what's happening and he's trying to fix it when in fact everything that's happening is precisely because he wants it to and has made it happen.
Another was of putting it is to think of the role of what Mr Limbaugh calls the "Low-Information Voters".
I'm telling you, that's because low-information voters are in these polls, and they think that what's happening in the country has nothing to do with Obama.  Because he's out campaigning against things. He's perpetually campaigning. He's not seen as responsible for any of this.
This means there is a view out there that if only Obama knew about what is going on, he would set things right, but his subordinates are keeping the truth from him.

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