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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Justice in Secret is Justice Denied

TRIGGER WARNING:  This may reflect badly on Democrats in Wisconsin.

For John, BLUFSo, is this going to be "in camera".  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Back in March the Wisconsin Supreme Court elected to not hold oral arguments in the infamous John Doe case brought by Milwaukee DC John Theodore Chisholm, citing secrecy problems. It is discussed here in an article by Andrew Beckett, 'Wisconsin Supreme Court will not hear arguments in John Doe case".
The state Supreme Court will not hear oral arguments in a legal challenge to a John Doe investigation into potential illegal campaign coordination between conservative groups and Governor Scott Walker’s campaign.

In a 4-2 decision released late Friday afternoon, the high court said its decision was based on concerns about the impact of a secrecy order issued in the proceedings, which would prevent them from being able to publicly identify some plaintiffs in the case.  Several of the unnamed groups targeted by the probe have argued that their activity was not illegal, and a judge sided with that position more than a year ago in halting the investigation.

Have I mentioned that this has some appearance of corruption.

Regards  —  Cliff


lance said...

Why isn't Scott Walker working on this instead of breaking unions and professors or are they related?

C R Krieger said...

Maybe he is.  These things take time.  After all, he may be one of the many targets of the John Doe persecution, directly or indirectly.  I am not sure I have heard about how he is busting professors—I haven't seen Professor Althouse complain about it.  As for "breaking" unions, I think he is limiting their control over government actions and yes, absolutely, they are related.  Remember, DA John Theodore Chisholm is married to a teacher, who was very upset over the actions of Governor Walker and his associates in trying to limit the almost unlimited power of teachers unions.

Regards  —  Cliff