Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Representing the Values of America

For John, BLUFA callous Federal Government, throwing the little guy overboard.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Mr Sarah Westwood, reporting for The Washington Examiner, gives us "Benghazi hearing resurrects YouTube controversy".

In the article it is noted that Presidential Candidate Carly Fiorina picked up the real problem, the real injustice.  The four lives lost were never going to be saved, no matter what was done in Washington.  Forces could have been moved forward, incase this became more than an isolated attack, but they were not.  Lesson learned.  But, as Ms Fiorina notes Secretary Clinton put the blame on a videotape that wasn't part of the problem, and let the weight of government fall on the videographer.  Why?

"She never answered a fundamental question, and the fundamental question is this:  knowing that this was a purposeful terrorist attack on the night it occurred, why did you go the next morning and address the American people and talk about a videotape that didn't represent the values of America?" Fiorina said of Clinton.  "And why did you continue to do that over the bodies of the fallen and for many weeks thereafter?"
So what are the values of America the video failed to represent?  It was apparently not Freedom of Speech.  Apparently not Freedom of Religion.

This was all about signaling to our friends in the Middle East that we would do nothing to stir up trouble, even if it meant stepping on our own citizens.  Not that I credit the videographer involved with a lot of common sense, but he was treated as a pawn.

It is enough to make one wonder if the people in Foggy Bottom actually believe in the Bill of Rights, or if they think it is not for the little people, the great unwashed.

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