Wednesday, October 26, 2016

As Goes Canada, So Goes the Nation

For John, BLUFActually, the old line was "as goes Maine, so goes the nation, but this is an update for this year.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

It is Canada, so a few local quirks re language:
by election
a one-off the normal schedule, like to fill a vacancy in the legislature created by death or resignation.
This is a Britishism for the local district.
The source is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the Reporter is Mr David Bell, reporting on the 25 of October.  The sub-headline is "Conservative Glen Motz thanks Trudeau after winning Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner byelection".  That would be Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a member of the Liberal Party, whose father had also been Prime Minister, back in the day.  The aforementioned Glen Motz, MP, is a member of the opposition party.  The electoral district is Medicine Hat—Cardston—Warner, which replaced the former Medicine Hat, in the province of Alberta.

Here is the lede plus one in the story:

Conservative candidate Glen Motz was full of gratitude for the prime minister after taking the Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner byelection Tuesday evening.

"I want to thank Justin Trudeau," Motz said in a victory speech.

Yes, thanking the national leader of the opposition is a way of rubbing it in.

It is also an indication of a swing to a more conservative voting public.

"The activity in our campaign absolutely spiked the day he arrived," he said, referring to a recent visit to the riding by Trudeau to support Liberal candidate Stan Sakamoto.

Motz took 69.9 per cent (21,355) of the vote with Sakamoto receiving 25.6 per cent (8,778 votes).

The NDP candidate, Beverly Ann Waege, received 353 votes (1.0 per cent) roughly half of the votes cast for Rod Taylor of the Christian Heritage Party, who got 702 votes (2.0 per cent).

Turnout out of 76,911 registered voters was 44.54 per cent.

There you have an indication of how voters are thinking in the "fly over" part of Canada, and maybe in the "fly over" part of the US.

Hat tip to a friend of mine.

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