Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Is the System Rigged?

For John, BLUFOf course it is.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

A short, succinct, blog post from the InstaPundit.  Professor Reynolds writes:
THAT’S FUNNY, BECAUSE THE WIKILEAKS DOCUMENTS DEMONSTRATE THAT THE PRIMARY WAS:  Clinton campaign fires back: ‘The system is not rigged.’
Note that when folks say "Rigged" some think about rigged voting, but others, more subtle in their thinking, look to how the press is played or plays and how that impacts the perceptions of the voters before they ever show up to vote.  Without the truth, without a free press reporting the truth, the system is, in fact, rigged.  Thus, the importance of a free and open internet and the importance of the Federal Elections Commission and the Federal Communications Commission keeping their collective hands off what is broadcast.

If it wasn't so bad it would be funny.

Regards  —  Cliff


P Vondal said...

I think and would hope that people should speak up against Mr. Trump's admonishments to observe voting at polls, particularly in the state of Pennsylvania. Mr. Trump says if he loses in Pennsylvania, its because the election is rigged because of massive voter fraud. Observing voting at polls is a call to chaos, is a call to intimidation, and can well result in violence. Essentially he is saying democrats are dishonest, and are rounding up people to come to vote two, three, four, five times. That our election system in this country cannot be trusted to ensure voter fraud does not take place. Mr. Guliani is saying this happens in NY. That democrats engage in voter fraud. And that Republicans do not engage in this kind of behavior. What kind of horrific rhetoric is this? This is a terrible state of affairs....trying to encourage Americans to distrust how states, cities, and towns in our nation run elections in this country. They should be very ashamed.

C R Krieger said...


Poll Watching is a long honored tradition in these United States, and legal. One way to do it is to find which properties listed on the voter roles are vacant and then challenge anyone claiming to be the person at that property.

As for busing people in, I have heard a former Mayor of Lawrence claim such a thing. Not in a big forum, but in a small group in a Club here in Lowell.

And, there is that famous American Political Science Scholar, Richard J Daley, who said that in 1960 Chicago just stole back the election from the down-state Republican, who had tried to steal it in the first place.

Regards — Cliff

P Vondal said...

Thanks for your response, Cliff

Poll watching is fine....but the fact that Mr. Trump has sanctioned and encouraged violence in his early rallies....and his insistence that voter fraud is going to occur on a large scale in inner cities (code for places where poor blacks, Latinos and our most recent immigrants live) to steal the election from him....are very worrisome. Don't you think that these daily claims that voter fraud is going to occur on a large scale to steal the election are overblown, false, and meant to scare people and cause great distrust? Mr. Trump's rhetoric is overheated. Never have we before had a candidate in modern times insist that voter fraud is going to occur to steal the election. What is going to happen in our country after the election?

As for Lawrence....it depends on who gets bused in and where they are from. And if they are eligible to vote. There is also a long time-honored tradition of offering rides to elderly, those without cars, those with any difficulty getting to polling places as a means of encouraging and helping such people to exercise their right to vote.

And don't you think that incident in 1960 Chicago is a little old? Is there more recent data on voter fraud to substantiate Mr. Trump's claims that this will occur "big-time?"

I am one person who cannot bear to watch or listen to the third and last debate. For I assume that this destructive "call to arms" will be reiterated by Mr. Trump loud and clear. In free-to-carry arms states, I am especially worried. I can only hope that the National Guard and police force will be on call on Election Day 2016. God help the United States.