Friday, October 28, 2016

Don't Make Enemies or You Could Be Condemned.

For John, BLUFThe support of the SPLC is one more indication of why people think the Main Stream Media is all fouled up.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

IT’S COME TO THIS:  Southern “Poverty” Law Center Lists Ayaan Hirsi Ali as “Anti-Muslim Extremist.”

As Jonah Goldberg tweets, “What morons.  But the MSM will never stop treating them as an authoritative non-biased institution.”

UPDATE:  “Why is the SPLC more critical of Pamela Geller than the [people] who tried to kill her?  Talk about blaming the victim.”

Posted at 7:20 am by Ed Driscoll
The thing is, Somali born Ayaan Hirsi Ali has been expressing opinions about Islam which bring it into some sort of disrepute.  At one time a Member of the Lower House of the Dutch Parliament, in 2004, working with Videographer Theo van Gogh, she produced a short film titled Submission, about the oppression of women under Islam.  Theo van Gogh was brutally murdered in public for his role in the film. Ms Ali went into hiding and then came to the United States.

The assassin, Mr Mohammed Bouyeri, received a life sentence, the harshest punishment available under Dutch Law.  He is Mr Bouyeri's view on things:

Serving as witness in another court case involving the Hofstad Network in May 2007, Bouyeri stated that armed jihad was the only option of Muslims in the Netherlands and that democracy was always a violation of Islam because laws cannot be produced by humans but only by Allah.  Six years after the assassination, in a letter to a Muslim group in Belgium, he wrote that he had no regret killing Van Gogh.
So, the SPLC is down on a woman who worries about oppression in Islam and whose film production parter was brutally murdered by a man, in the name of Islam.  A man who thinks that democracy is always a violation of Islam.  The conclusion can only be that the SPLC thinks democracy is bad and those who object to what they see as oppression within Islam, or in external manifestations thereof are evil racists.

So, basically, the SPLC is as messed up as Hogan's goat.

I guess my rejection of the SPLC and what it stands for is one of the reasons I am part of the basket of deplorables.

Maybe we will all start to come together again, on 9 November.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Pamela Geller
SPLC, which at one time listed Dr Ben Carson as an extremist.
Hat tip to the InstaPundit.

Exit question.  If you are a Muslim are you inherently of a different race, even if your forebearers were Caucasian?  Think the Balkans.  For the 2020 Census there could be a new category in the selections for Race or Ethnic Group.

Regards  —  Cliff

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